Monday, May 10, 2010

Digital Signage

Horrible name, I know. I didn't come up with it, but there it is. This blog is about all things digital signage.

I really believe that interactive media, enhanced reality, ebooks, smart phones, and the iPad are the future, and are going to change advertising in dramatic new ways.

Human attention is now the world's most valuable commodity. Rich media content, viewed on demand, pushed or personalized, in a window, on a wall, an iPad or an iPhone is where the message is moving.

A piece of paper in your window. Will not get attention.

Come back here often to see postings on the latest developments in digital signage and informed commentary and hopefully, some comments.


eliza blaxcell said...
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gdriver31 said...

advertising and digital signage will surely make a dramatic change... things will definitely change when it comes to the exposure of product and their sales...
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